Redmi 9 Review – An In Depth View Of The Mobile Phone


If you are looking for an amazing mobile phone that comes packed with features to make your browsing experience flawless, look no further than Redmi 9. Redmi 9 comes with a powerful chipset and a powerful camera with a built in image editing support. The Redmi 9 also has got a decent battery and a good display with good brightness. All these features together help in making Redmi 9 one of the best mobile phones in the UK.

The Redmi 9 comes loaded with Media Tek Helio G80 octa-core processor along with the Mali-G52 MC2, a high speed ARM chip with 9.2-inch full-color capacitive display. The Redmi 9 comes with a huge 5MP front-facing camera and a really large housing that gives it a sturdy, robust feel and a unique design. Apart from the housing, the Redmi 9 also sports a complete suite of connectivity features including Bluetooth, wifi, GSM, USB and a micro SD card. The Redmi 9 has a unique dual SIM tray that allows you to easily slide out the SIM card of your choice. It comes with a complete set of user-friendly software that makes it easy for you to perform all the necessary functions without any problem. Redmi 9

Redmi 9 comes with a huge LCD display that makes it all the more impressive. The dual HD screen helps in brightening up your day with beautiful colors and clear images. The phone has got an astounding battery life of around five and a half hours so if you are looking for a power efficient phone then this is the perfect choice. The phone also has got Helio G80 octa-core processors inside that helps in managing the software tasks smoothly. There is also a quad core MediaTek MTK running underneath that takes care of all the complex tasks smoothly.

Another amazing feature of the redmi 9 is that apart from it having an awesomely huge storage capacity, it has got the best technology that is present in the mid range phones like, HTC Desire, iPhone and the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc. The phone has got the amazing Helio G80 octa-core processors that is used to run the hardware of the device. If we talk about the RAM, it has got one gigabyte of it that is enough to run the Android OS smoothly. As compared to the iPhone which has two gigabytes of RAM, this offers you the facility of multitasking.

Talking about the battery life, it offers four hours of solid charge when it comes to the Google apps along with other heavy weight applications like PowerPoint. However the battery life of the device might be a little short as it gets drained fast after heavy work. The redmi 9 does not support the high capacity headphones which most people like to buy for the purpose of listening to the audio while travelling. Therefore, it could be said that in this category the battery life of the phone might be the best low cost option and this is the reason why it is out of reach of the higher priced mobiles like iPhone and HTC Desire.

The battery of the Redmi 9 has an advanced technology that has been made use of to provide the users with the long hours of battery life. It features the Fortnite ecosystem that has taken care of the downloading of the required apps from the android marketplace. This enables you to stay connected to the internet without slowing down the speed of the mobile phone. With a four hour charge life of the device along with the efficient high performance Fortnite flashlight, you can be sure of having the connectivity you need to carry on with your work even when you are on the move. You can make use of the super bright capacitive touch screen or the HID technology with the dual cameras, and you will surely not want to miss even a single detail of the pictures or the videos that you capture. The powerful octa core processors and the large amount of RAM will help the phone to run faster and also keep you connected to the internet seamlessly.

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