Prepaid Cell Phones – How They Differ From Traditional Services

There is a lot of talk about prepaid cell phones and definitely they have gained popularity amongst one and all. But sometimes, even after hearing so much about them, you may not be very clear about exactly how they work. We are aware of the traditional landline phone service and how it works; traditional cell phones also work on quite the same principle. You are set with a monthly plan, you pay rental on it, get a monthly bill and have to pay the bill by the last date. The catch is that getting a post paid service requires lots of formalities to be completed and your credit record and bill payment history play a major role in it. Prepaid phones are free of these  recargas telcel  hassles and thus are looked upon as a more convenient and faster option to avail cell phone services.

Main Advantages Of Pre-Paid Service

There are many advantages of the prepaid cell phones. Apart from being convenient and hassle free, they help you keep a check on your call expenditure. You can give it to your teenagers without the fear of receiving high bills at the end of the month. On the other hand, you are providing them with the services of a cell phone to keep in contact and for use for emergencies. When you compare the cost of prepaid minutes to the traditional service minutes, that cost may be higher. But looking at the advantages, it is a small price to pay.

You do away with deposits, credit checks and huge monthly bills. Do remember, if your payment history is tarnished, you may not qualify for the traditional service at all.

For people who are travelling or are new to the city without a local address, prepaid cell phones come as a boon. Almost all the prepaid carriers have similar modus operandi….you buy the phone and minutes that come along with it. When the minutes finish, either you discontinue or get your phone “recharged” by buying more minutes of talk time. As you use these minutes to make calls, the amount gets deducted from the monthly plan amount or the phone card. You are notified about it and you will have to buy more minutes when it finishes. All major prepaid cell phones companies offer the option of recharging the phones through Internet or by making a call. Some provide the option of linking your credit card or debit card to your account. Choose the option you are comfortable with and enjoy the benefits.

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