Oppo F19S and Its Special Features


Oppo F19S is already making the online market ablaze for many days now. The upcoming smartphone from Oppo is claimed to be the next special edition of the famous Oppo brand launched back in April this year. The F19S launch is expected around the festive season for India. The device is all set to introduce some new features which are sure to amaze all who are going to buy the device. With the number of device users increasing every day, there are several manufacturers offering some excellent deals on the latest handset like that of Oppo. However, the Oppo F19S is that particular handset that is considered to be one of the best deals for the travelling users.

One of the most striking features of the Oppo F19S is its dual screen feature. The handset has a 6.43-inch capacitive touchscreen display of Android OS 2.2 Jelly Bean that offers a rich user experience of enjoying the multi-tasking facility along with viewing media content and playing games as well. The dual-screen feature allows the users to enjoy the advantage of having two displays in one. The attractive curved edges of the screen allow you to view the images or watch video clips with the video playing option.

Another striking feature of the Oppo F19S is the Camera Setup wizard which allows the users to upload their images and capture photos directly to their handset via the Bluetooth technology. The impressive camera setup wizard further helps the users to enhance their camera functionality by enhancing the quality of the captured images. The users can also fix focus and enable effects like Face recognition etc. to enhance the photographs taken with the handset. The complete package including the Oppo F19S Camera Plus, microSD card, case and battery compliments the device perfectly.

The microSD slot of the Oppo F19S enables you to add additional amount of data to the memory card which further helps to increase the storage capacity of the phone. You can store high resolution, large photo files and other videos easily on the microSD card which further helps you to save time and power while using the smartphone. The amazing camera with LED flash and digital zoom camera helps the users to capture clear pictures and videos with quality images. The battery of the Oppo F19S is another unique feature of this smartphone which further extends the lifetime of the handset. The battery has an impressive charge rate which further increases the longevity of the mobile. oppo f19s

While talking about the camera performance of the Oppo F19S, the camera has advanced image processing technology and uses the 16 megapixel sensor of the smartphone which offers excellent picture quality. The front and rear cameras of the Oppo F19S come with auto focus and manual focus modes which are very useful in taking photos of scenes where there is a blurred background or poor lighting. The OPE Oppo F19S comes with a huge battery which offers you long hours of talk time.

All these great features of the Oppo F19S has made it one of the most coveted smartphones in the country. The smartphone has a unique low power consumption feature which enables it to run on reduced energy even while the user is chatting on the Bluetooth wireless device or playing games. The battery of the Oppo F19S lasts for long hours and provides you with good amount of talk time. All these features together make the Oppo F19S a must have device in the minds of youngsters as well as grown ups for its advanced camera along with some of the popular features like text messaging, music player, Internet connectivity and the latest round of exciting apps.

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