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Mi Note 10 Pro is one of the hottest handsets available in the market today. It comes with high quality hardware and comes loaded with features to make your work simpler and fun. If you are looking to buy Mi Note Pro online, you need to know certain important facts about this wonderful device. The features enumerated below can help you buy Mi Note 10 Pro online conveniently.

Display diagonal: 15.2 cm (5.1%), Display resolution: 16.7 cm (6.4%), Display type: LED-LCD, capacitive screen. Processor speed: 1.5 GHz, Processor family: MSM, PowerVR,idia Adreno. RAM size: 1GB, internal storage capacity : 128 GB. The above mentioned are the basic Mi Note 10 Pro features which can be seen in almost all the variants of this product. To buy Mi Note 10 Pro online, you should pay attention to some of the other important Mi Note 10 Pro features. Mi Note 10 Pro

Storage capacity: The device has a spacious home partition which houses the operating system along with the user information. It houses the Google apps along with the default browser with Firefox browser. There is a separate partition for the memory and the operation system. The total storage capacity of the device is 8GB which can be enhanced using a flash drive or by adding additional sim cards and USB memory cards.

Camera: One of the best features of the smartphone is the camera which comes with an excellent 12.2 megapixel camera and it can take good images even in low light conditions. The front and rear cameras are also great to see. The xiaomi amoledmi note 10 pro has a special function where the person can change their skin tone just by snapping the screen. The wallpaper of the device also looks wonderful and is colorful which looks very soothing on one’s eyes. The device is connected to a quad core processor which helps the user to use the internet easily.

Battery life: The battery life of the handset is about average when it comes to using the internet. When browsing the internet the webpages are loaded very fast. This means that the device does not need much of the battery to run these web pages. The Mi Note has fast charging capabilities and it enables the users to enjoy battery life for up to three hours of browsing. This feature of the pro is the unique feature of the xiaomi amoled mobile phone. Other features include the Mi Note’s visual speaker phone which comes as a unique feature and dual camera that comes as a feature.

Display: The display of the smartphone is just above and beyond the ordinary smartphone technology. It has a large Super AMOLED capacitive display which ensures that the users can have an excellent viewing experience. The fonts also look amazing and there is no doubt about the fact that the colors are rich. The midnight black shade of the screen is another amazing feature of the device. The daylight white screen also looks amazing and is very bright which ensures that the users can have a wonderful browsing experience.

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